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Paramagnetic oxygen analyser

Our Paramagnetic oxygen analysers are very accurate and highly sensitive . Due to the molecular structure, oxygen is attracted into a strong magnetic field while most other gasses are not. This paramagnetism provides fast and accurate oxygen measurements.

Current models available include :

The DPM72 O2P Paramagnetic Oxygen analyser in a self-contained unit housed in a custom 3u x 1/2 rack width case, that can also be panel mounted

Paramagnetic oxygen analyser

The OEM72 O2P Paramagnetic Oxygen analyser in modular form consists of a panel mounted display unit and a separate sensor that can be installed remotely.

Both displays have high and low set points with audio visual alarm and mute circuits. Day to day calibration is carried out from the front panel. All the calibration and alarm parameters are retained in non volatile memory.



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