SAT Systems was established in 1984
Sub Aquatic Technical Systems Ltd - Gas Analysis, Monitoring and Control - Data Logging and Communications offering Diving and Hyperbaric Solutions

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SAT-5 Range of Instrumentation
AIR-5 Instrumentation

About SAT Systems Ltd

SAT Systems Ltd was established in 1984 to provide equipment for the professional diving industry, in which they are recognised as one of the market leaders in hyperbaric instrumentation and gas analysis worldwide.

The Company offers a wide range of instrumentation and communication products, either off the shelf or semi-bespoke, depending upon customers’ requirements.

With over 30 years worth of experience within the industry, the Company has built a reputation for providing robust and reliable equipment.

The owners and staff at SAT Systems Ltd are committed to providing a personal service to customers and improving the product range through use of innovative technology and rigorous testing.

S.A.T.Systems Ltd   1 Kelly Industrial Estate, Kirk Michael, Isle of Man,  IM6 1SS