SAT Systems was established in 1984
Sub Aquatic Technical Systems Ltd - Gas Analysis, Monitoring and Control - Data Logging and Communications offering Diving and Hyperbaric Solutions

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Quality Policy

Sub Aquatic Technical Systems Ltd. is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality to their customers, together with first class after sales and support in line with the technical nature of their business.

We aim to work with our customers to provide continued improvements and innovation in our products and services.

We will endeavour to make our employees aware of the importance of our quality system and how it serves to improve our products and services.

We will ensure that our employees are familiar with the Quality Assurance procedures that relate to their work activities and will audit the quality records at intervals to verify conformance.

Our quality objectives are:

  1. Customer satisfaction.
  2. Good communications with our customers, leading to a clear understanding of their requirements and a rapid response to fulfil their needs.
  3. Good understanding of the regulations of our industry so that we can address our customers’ requirements with products that are compliant.
  4. Good communications with our suppliers so that they understand our requirements clearly.
  5. Efficient use of resources through training, planning and good management.
  6. Effective process control to reduce non-conformities and effective corrective action where defects are found.

The management will annually review our ability to meet the above objectives and will if necessary put into place suitable measures to improve our performance.

We hereby certify that this Quality Assurance Manual describes the Management System in use within the Company to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Download a signed copy of our quality policy (PDF)

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