SAT Systems was established in 1984
Sub Aquatic Technical Systems Ltd - Gas Analysis, Monitoring and Control - Data Logging and Communications offering Diving and Hyperbaric Solutions

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SAT-5 Range of Instrumentation
AIR-5 Instrumentation
Series-5 Multi Instrment O2 CO2 Temperature Humidity and Depth

Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment

Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment designed and manufactured in-house. Our Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment includes Gas Analysis and Monitoring / Control Instrumentation, Our Data Logging Suite ” Mediscan” and our Chamber Communication System.

Please click on one of the images below for further information on our Instrumentation suitable for Hyperbaric Chambers

Medican . . . → Read More: Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment

dive communication solutions
gas analysis and monortering data logging spares and accessories
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