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SAT-5 Range of Instrumentation
AIR-5 Instrumentation
Series-5 Multi Instrment O2 CO2 Temperature Humidity and Depth

Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment

Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment designed and manufactured in-house. Our Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment includes Gas Analysis and Monitoring / Control Instrumentation, Our Data Logging Suite ” Mediscan” and our Chamber Communication System.

Please click on one of the images below for further information on our Instrumentation suitable for Hyperbaric Chambers

Medican . . . → Read More: Hyperbaric Chamber Equipment

Paramagnetic oxygen analyser

Our Paramagnetic oxygen analysers are very accurate and highly sensitive . Due to the molecular structure, oxygen is attracted into a strong magnetic field while most other gasses are not. This paramagnetism provides fast and accurate oxygen measurements.

Current models available include :

The DPM72 O2P Paramagnetic Oxygen analyser in a self-contained unit housed in . . . → Read More: Paramagnetic oxygen analyser


The Chamber Data Recording System (CDRS) is a simple display and recording system for chambers that require depth and other parameters recorded.

Once calibrated, CDRS requires no user intervention. It displays an annotated mimic of the chamber complex and logs its sensor data every second. CDRS will collect data for at least ten years . . . → Read More: CDRS

Diver Communications

Our Diver Communication sets are designed to be used by the commercial diving industry, professional divers, the armed forces and local authorities such as the police and coast guards

We make two standard models; one for two divers and another for three divers, both of which provide the ability to monitor and communicate with . . . → Read More: Diver Communications

Design Performance Reports

SAT Systems are committed to continuous product improvement. This form, which is now available once you have registered and logged into the Helpdesk, is used to report a product performance defect or to request an improvement. Follow the link below for more information and to submit a Design Performance Report (DPR):

. . . → Read More: Design Performance Reports

Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyser

A range of Carbon Dioxide Analyzers for use in sampled gas systems

The S.A.T. Systems range of Carbon Dioxide Analyzers include the following:

A self contained Carbon Dioxide analyser with Dual wavelength NDIR sensor housed in a custom 3U x 42HP sub-rack case which can also be panel mounted. A Carbon Dioxide analyser in . . . → Read More: Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyser

Oxygen sensor O2 sensor

A temperature compensated millivolt output fuel cell type oxygen sensor with an expected life of < 3 years in air and a 3 pin Molex connector, packaged in a ring pull tin.

The sensor identification label is printed with model and serial number for easy identification. The sensor serial numbers provide traceability to each . . . → Read More: Oxygen sensor O2 sensor

Diver Data Software

Professional / Commercial Diver Data Recording Software designed and supplied by SAT Systems.

Our Diver Data Recording Software:

DiveScan is an air diving data recording system for surface supplied divers. The system records the depth and time profile of divers while in the water and in a surface recompression chamber.

Deep DiveScan monitors Saturation . . . → Read More: Diver Data Recording Software

Temperature and Humidity monitor

Temperature and Humidity Monitors manufactured by SAT Systems.

The SAT Systems temperature monitors are available with sensors that will measure temperature in either gas or fluids. The humidity sensors have an integrated gas temperature sensor. The displays have high and low audible and visual alarms.

Typical applications include diver hot water temperature monitoring and decompression . . . → Read More: Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Oxygen O2 Analysers | O2 Oxygen Analyzers

The most popular oxygen analysers / O2 oxygen analyzers use electro-chemical sensors. The electro-chemical sensors used in SAT Systems’ Oxygen O2 Analyzers / Analysers are low cost and able to work under pressure when a direct partial pressure measurement is required. When a percentage measurement is required the signal from the sensor will be affected . . . → Read More: Oxygen O2 Analysers | O2 Oxygen Analyzers

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